Basic Lighting Living Room Tips

The living room is a difficult space to illuminate. That’s because it contains so many functions from watching TV, reading a good book to receiving friends.

Light plan living room

Lighting makes or breaks the carefully constructed atmosphere. So make sure you have a good lighting plan.

Start by applying the basic lighting. This ensures that everything is illuminated evenly. That there are a few shadows as possible. This way there is sufficient background clarity. That needs your eye to orientate yourself. Less large differences in light intensity ensure that your eyes are less tired.

It is a must that the basic lighting is dimmable. This way you can adjust the atmosphere depending on the use.

Ceiling lamp living room

You can use a ceiling lamp for the basic lighting. You can connect this to the connection point in the middle of the ceiling. Choose a lamp that shines towards the ceiling or shines in all directions.

Often only a ceiling lamp is not enough as basic lighting. We therefore always recommend a second lamp. For example, a standing lamp that shines in all directions. You have to ensure that the entire living room is lit.


By having a lamp shine upwards, the light is reflected back through the ceiling. So you hardly have any shadows. And that is the purpose of the basic lighting. The significant advantage of up lighters is that they do not blind. This is because you do not see the light source.

Indirect lighting living room

Indirect lighting is lighting that is reflected through ceilings, walls or other elements. They soften the shadows of other light sources. Therefore perfect for essential lighting. Many indirect lamps are free-standing floor lamps or wall lamps.

Recessed spotlights in the ceiling

When ceiling spotlights have a broad apparent direction, you can use them for general lighting. So do not opt ​​for those small halogen spots, but the larger version. It is a bit more powerful, has a giant reflector and gives much more pleasant light. These lamps are dimmable but also orientable — ideal for essential lighting.

For these lamps, light sources are available in a sharper light angle with more bundled light. Do not use that model for essential lighting. Well for the mood lighting. So you can finish with one type of recessed luminaire to provide both essential lighting and mood lighting.

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